About Us

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Etogen Precision has been in business since 2003. We started as a custom instrument design and manufacturing facility, outsourcing all machining to our  vendors.

In 2008 we have brought all machining work in house with a purchase of Hurco VM-1 machining center, Hurco TMM-10 live turning center, and VLS3.5 laser engraver/cutter. We now offer milling, turning and laser marking services to all customers and we have been featured in a Hurco case study. In 2013 we have added a Hurco VM30i machining center to keep up with demand and to be able to handle larger parts up to 50"x20".

Turning center axial live tools Utilizing our automated live tooling turning center we can reduce cost and increase precision of parts that typically require secondary operations on a mill, such as axial/radial milling or tapping. As part of the finishing process we can provide laser marking services for engraving text, vector art, and serial numbers on anodized aluminum and most plastics. In addition, up to 0.25" acrylic or wood can be engraved and cut in the same setup.